What do we offer?

Incontinence is any involuntary loss of urine or faeces and it affects around 4.8 million Australians of all ages. It does not have to mean a total lack of control – it might be just a little bit of soiling or leaking. Faecal incontinence can also include loss of wind and faecal smearing.

Incontinence is not a normal part of ageing and, sometimes, exercise programs can help greatly reduce - and even eliminate - incontinence. Ongoing confidential, professional support is available locally.

Community availability

District Nurses: Our home visiting nursing program provides support and practical assistance. We can come to you wherever you live in the catchment.

How to access this service?

To discuss how we can meet your needs or to book an appointment with the district nurse, call the Ouyen Service Centre on (03) 5092 1111 or Sea Lake Service Centre on (03) 5070 2155.

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