What do we offer?

Older people who can no longer manage their healthcare needs or activities of daily living at home may choose admission to permanent residential aged care. At MTHCS we appreciate this can be a difficult decision for you and your loved ones.  We are committed to supporting you through the admission process and ensuring you live the highest quality of life possible whilst in our care.

Community availability

Residential aged care is provided at our nursing homes and hostels in Ouyen and Sea Lake.

How much will it cost?

The Government provides funding to MTHCS to provide permanent care.  All residents are required to contribute a daily care fee towards the cost of the care and services they receive.  These include personal and nursing services such help with bathing, medication and healthcare, and hotel-type services such as cleaning, laundry and meals.   

Those who can are required to contribute to the cost of the room and those things which come with it such as furnishings and bedding.  How much the resident pays may depend on their financial circumstances and the type of room they are admitted to.

Please refer to summary sheet for the maximum room price of all classes of rooms at MTHCS, or select the aged care communities shown above to view the Key Features Statements for rooms at each location.

More information is available on the My Aged Care website.  More specific information can be provided by our Aged Care Finance Officer.

How to access this service

You will need to be assessed by My Aged Care. For more information on how to access residential aged care or for general enquiries please call the Ouyen Service Centre on (03) 5092 1111 or the Sea Lake Service Centre on (03) 5070 2155.

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