The Northern Mallee Integrated Partnership (NMIP) was established in 2021 to progress strategic partnerships and initiatives in the Northern Mallee.

Aligning the work to the five foundational principles of the Department of Health (February 2022), the NMIP will explore and address relevant issues in the Northern Mallee, co-opting relevant subject matter experts as needed to achieve the agreed outcomes.

Each of the Health Services Boards and CEOs will have equitable membership of the Steering Group with progress reports provided to all Board members.


Together we will improve outcomes valued by our communities.

Values: R I C E

We interact with others with care, respect and dignity. We value the importance of diversity and inclusion in all of our workplaces and communities.

We do the right thing in all our interactions. We take ownership of our actions and decisions, we are transparent in our successes and our failures.

We work together to benefit the partnership. No individual organisation is bigger than the team.

Irrespective of size, all members have equal voice / equity of care for their communities.


The health services located in the Northern Mallee include:

  • Mallee Track Health and Community Service
  • Mildura Base Public Hospital
  • Robinvale District Health Services

The Executive of the Boards of Management (up to three members) and Chief Executive Officers of each health service and the NMIP Project Manager will form the Steering Group of the NMIP. The Operating Group will include the Chief Executive Officers, members of the Executive team as needed and the NMIP Project Manager. The Operating Group will be scheduled between the Steering Group meetings to progress the priorities agreed and identified.

Five Foundational Principles

The Secretary of the Department of Health, Dr Euan Wallace, presented the five foundational principles for delivering health care that is valued by patients. It was agreed that these principles should drive the work of the Northern Mallee Integrated Partnership. With minor amendments, these principles are appropriate for all types of services delivered by the NMIP partner members.

The Secretary of the Department of Health, Dr. Euan Wallace, encouraged health services to harness changes implemented during the COVID 19 pandemic. He encouraged health services to reimagine service delivery in the current environment.

"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills"
- Chinese proverb

Initial Agreed Priorities

  • GP workforce project – Sustainable recruitment of GPs for the small towns within the Northern Mallee.
  • Virtual ward to support MTHCS and RDHS providing additional inpatient capacity for the region and care closer to home by enabling shared medical care from MBPH.
  • Regional Credentialing – this is well advanced and has good involvement from all health services.
  • Prepare a Memorandum of Understanding or similar to clarify the partnership arrangements.
  • Regional approach to Corporate service delivery.
  • Workforce pilot for Multi-Purpose Sites (MPS) in partnership with Alpine Health.
  • Community forum in the lead up to Federal election to be considered.

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