What do we offer?

We provide a diverse range of exercise groups for all abilities, ages and fitness levels right across the catchment. As well as improving strength, balance, health and wellbeing, these groups seek to improve social inclusion and community connectedness. And they're a lot of fun!


Mallee Muscles

Our exciting exercise program combining strength and cardiovascular activities in a circuit format. Perfect for all ages and abilities, no matter your physical activity history. Individual programs are made for all participants who then can work through them in their own time or meet in small groups and complete their activities under the guidance of an instructor.

Balance Classes

For those needing help with balance and at a greater risk of falls, these classes offer small group sizes where fun and challenging activities help to increase strength and range of movement of the lower legs.

Chronic disease management

Programs include GLA:D (for arthritis management), Lift for Life (for help in diabetes management), and Cardiac rehab after cardiac episodes. Programs include both a physical activity and education component.

Aqua Exercises (subject to weather and demand)

Water Exercises run throughout summer, when weather permits, and are enjoyed by many in the community. The water offers a low impact workout which is great for people with joint complaints, or those new to exercise. The resistance from the water also maintains bone and muscular strength.

Chair Based Exercises (for aged care residents with mobility issues)

Gentle, chair-based exercise with aged care residents encourages social connectedness with interested community members who tell us they are also benefiting from the gentle joint and muscle movement while enjoying spending time with residents.

Music and Movement

Music is such an important part of MTHCS exercise programs – especially groups involving aged care residents, some of whom may be affected by memory loss or dementia. Residents enjoy a range of old-time tunes that they can sing along and move to.

Sea Lake

Strength and Balance

Chair-based and standing movements to music which incorporate a variety of exercises to promote good posture, balance and strength-building.

Music and Movement

Music and Movement with residents: Gentle exercise for aged care residents with old-time tunes and plenty of singing along. Community members often attend these sessions and are always welcome. Afternoon tea is provided.


  • Telehealth and Mallee Muscle Groups
  • 1:1 rehabilitation and chronic disease management

How to access this service

IMPORTANT!! An assessment is required prior to beginning any exercise programs. 

MTHCS receives funding from a number of different sources to provide services. To find out if you're eligible for a subsidised service visit the Service Access page.

Contact the Allied Health Team to discuss your needs (03) 5092 1111.

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