National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards Review

National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards Review

9 January 2024

Encouraging report from National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards Review for MTHCS.

Recently MTHCS partnered with experts to undertake a survey review of the NSQHS across all campuses.

“The resulting report was encouraging, identifying opportunities for improvement and a recommendation of 10 action points to ensure we are fully compliant by March 2024. The staff have been working hard to address these suggested improvements and I’m happy to say we are 75% of the way through addressing the recommendations.” explained Loretta Creevey, Acting Executive Director of Nursing.

Dr Frances Peart, CEO of MTHCS said, “We are confident that this process will ensure our health service is better informed, supported and organised to deliver the highest standard of care for our community.”

MTHCS are embarking on the development of a comprehensive three-year strategic plan to ensure the delivery of quality healthcare meets the evolving needs of our diverse and growing community.

“One focal point of the plan will be bringing care closer to home. An extensive community consultation process will be undertaken throughout March 2024, and we invite all to participate. As members of this community, your experiences, concerns, and aspirations are invaluable. Your participation in the strategic planning process will help shape healthcare programs, and services that directly impact you and your loved ones. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard and contribute to the future direction of healthcare in the Mallee Track Community.” said Dr Peart.

For more information on available health services please go to or to book an appointment call the medical clinic at Ouyen Ph: (03) 5092 1168 or Sea Lake Ph: (03) 5070 2118

For interviews or further comment please contact:
MTHCS CEO Dr Frances Peart ph: (03) 5092 1111
Or MTHCS Communications Sharon Maloney mb: 0411 104 598

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